The Scribe's Wisdom is a fanmade, for-profit Genshin Impact fanzine centered around Alhaitham, one of the main characters from the Sumeru region.

Mod Team

Co-Head & Social Media Mod


I love Alhaitham a very normal amount

  • Co-Head, Social Media & Organisation Mod for Sky is the Limit: A TotK Zine

  • Head and Social Media Mod for Guiding Stars: A Blue Lions Fanzine

  • Social Media Mod for Sprout's Rebirth: A Nahida & Wanderer Zine

  • And more!

Co-Head & Organization Mod


Hello I'm Vasiliás and I've found a new husband 🌱

  • Writing Mod for The Gentlemen of Teyvat, fleurette, Conviction, and many others.

Finance Mod


I see Alhaitham in his past life, Ain Elsword ;;

  • Fodlanomincon - Finance & Shipping

  • Fodlan Detectives - Finance (As Jinx)

  • Fated: A Zelink Zine - Finance & UK Fulilment (As Jinx)

Graphics Mod

Ki Hiwatari

Hello! I love Genshin so much although I don't have time to play /sad face. Al is already one of my favourite characters before I know him LOL

  • Head mod: Gents of Teyvat, FE3H Chess project, Flickering Dreams: Tears of Themis zine, etc

  • Graphics/Layout: fleurette: Genshin flowers zine, Spy x Family zine, etc

  • Other experience here

Shipping Mod


head empty...pretty bois only....

  • Shipping Mod for Zhongven Reunion

  • Shipping Mod Teyvat studios

  • Shipping Mod Stardust Tides


I have a type and it's pretty academic boys

  • Teyvat's Divination - Art Mod

  • In This Life or the Next - Art Mod

  • Rogue Waltz - Art Mod

Writing & Layout Mod


i’m siri and i’m obsessed with alhaitham

  • Adamantine - Head and Formatting Mod

  • Acheron - Formatting Mod

  • Camp Teyvat - Formatting Mod


*these dates are tentative and subject to change

Contributor Apps OpenJan 13
Contributor Apps CloseFeb 11
Decisions Sent byFeb 15
Deadline to AcceptFeb 20
Pitches dueFeb. 27-28
Check in 1Mar 22-24
Check in 2Apr 12-14
Check in 3May 3-5
Finals dueJune 24
Preorders OpenSeptember 25
Preorders CloseOctober 23
ShippingEst. March/April 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a zine?
Zine (or fanzine) refers to any unofficial, collaborative & fan-made publication. Any theme can be treated in a zine, but usually, it focuses on producing fan content related to another media (here, from the Genshin Impact game).
Zines are usually made of a mix of artworks & fanfictions, but you can also find poetry, cosplay pictures, etc. Anything that triggers the creativity of its contributors!
What is the theme of this zine?
This zine will focus on Alhaitham, one of the main characters from the Sumeru Region and story, from the Genshin Impact game ((c)Hoyoverse)
Will this zine be for-profit or for-charity?
This zine will be for profit!
Will the zine be physical or digital?
We will produce a physical version of the zine, as well as physical merch.
What are the zine’s specs?
The zine will be a perfect bound book, size A5, about 100 pages long. The zine will be SFW, PG-13.
Will the zine feature ships or other characters?
Ships will not be allowed in the zine. Other characters are welcome as long as the focus remains on Alhaitham and their interactions remain platonic.
Is Alternate Universe (AU) content allowed?
How will contributors be compensated for their participation?
Each contributor of the zine is guaranteed a free digital copy of the zine at the very least. Further compensation will be determined by how well our sales go.
Once we cover the production costs for the full bundles, any remaining profit will be split equally amongst all the contributors and the mod team.
How many contributors will you accept?
We aim to accept around 30-35 page artists, 5-6 writers, and 6-8 merch artists.
Can anyone apply to the zine?
As we are a for-profit zine, we will only accept applicants over 18 years old.
The moderator team reserves the right to reject applicants who produce harmful or hateful content on their personal social media accounts or websites.
Unacceptable content includes:
- Homophobia
- Sexism
- Hateful discourse on sexuality or gender
- Sexualization of minors
Are traditional artworks accepted?
Of course! All artists, digital and traditional ones, are welcome! We will accept traditional works for page art as long as they are submitted as a high quality scan of at least 300DPI.

Application Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • All applicants must be 18 years or over at the time of the application. If we discover that you are lying about your age, you will be removed from the project.

  • You may apply for more than one role, but will only be accepted for one.

  • All contributors will be asked to join the Discord server dedicated to the fanzine, for organization purposes. You can apply without having a Discord account already, but you need to be willing to make one, should you be selected as a contributor.

  • Please make sure that all links that you’re submitting in your application are accessible. You can try to access your links in an incognito browser to check this.

  • NSFW samples MUST be tagged.

  • At least one Genshin Impact sample is required.

  • Portfolios must be on a personal website (i.e., a Carrd, Artstation, Instagram or any online portfolio), a social media site that allows for filtering (i.e., Tumblr, AO3) or in a Google Drive folder. Links to your Twitter media tab will not be accepted.

  • Samples must be your own work. Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated and will forfeit your application immediately.

  • Contributors retain the rights to their works and may re-distribute them, but only AFTER pre-orders close. Sharing or streaming any unauthorized WIPs during the creation process is discouraged.

  • By applying for a position as a contributor you confirm that you've read the schedule and will dedicate yourself to the project's timeline and everything included in your position. Failure to adhere to guidelines may result in disqualification.

Page Artist

  • When applying, please provide 3 samples of your best works (representative of what you could produce for the fanzine) and a portfolio of up to 8-10 pieces.

  • We will judge your application by looking at your knowledge and understanding of anatomy and basic composition of an art piece. Backgrounds are required. Simple backgrounds are fine so long as they are not a solid color or gradient.

  • Traditional art is acceptable if you can provide a high-quality scan of at least 300dpi.

Merch Artist

  • When applying, please provide 3 samples of your best works (representative of what you could produce for the fanzine) and a portfolio of up to 8-10 pieces.

  • We will judge your application by your ability to provide original, diverse and creative merch.


  • When applying, please provide 3 samples of your best works (representative of what you could produce for the fanzine) and a portfolio of up to 8-10 pieces.

  • Each sample MUST be less than 3,000 words long.

  • At least two of your three samples must be a completed piece.

  • We will judge your application by your ability to portray the different characters in your pieces, your syntax and flow, as well as general grammar and grasp of spelling.